Our model revolves around us finding enough socially minded landlords to purchase the property required in order to meet the demand that exists from our partner charities. If you are interested in finding out more about what it means to become a landlord on our project, the support that we offer you, the return that you get and most importantly the people who’s lives you can transform in doing so then please do get in touch we’d love to explore the options with you.


If on the other hand you would like to support the project by investing funds but don’t have any interest in actually becoming a landlord yourself then in the New Year we are expecting to have some very exciting news for you, give us a bell to register your interest now and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know in the New Year :).

Buy a house

If you are interested in purchasing a property for us to use to house the disadvantaged then we would love to speak to you. Some investors are happy to just cover their costs whilst others are delighted with the returns that are generated from our housing model.


If you do decide to purchase a property on the project then most investors are amazed at the level of support that is provided from the Stepping Stones team. we source the property to meet the highest levels of demand, we help you to finance the purchase (if required) and liaise with vendors, estate agent and solicitors on your behalf. We even refurbish the property and move the clients in for you. The comment that we most often hear from our investors after they have completed on their first purchase, is: “wow, we didn’t know that purchasing a property could be that easy!” If you’re interested then please do┬ádrop us a line so that we can have a chat!