By partnering with us you will be able to provide your clients with a high quality, safe and reliable home, which becomes a firm foundation upon which to re-build their lives. The property is dedicated to your charity and clients and is tailored to fit their specific needs. It does not require you to purchase a house or cover any of the costs associated with the housing.


How does it work

Stepping Stones works with you to identify your client’s specific housing needs. We then approach and partner with socially minded landlords in your chosen area, who would like to let their property to disadvantaged people. Once the property is ready and legally compliant, you move your clients in and continue to support them in a normal manner. We take care of and arrange all the maintenance, bills, license agreements and legal compliance of the property.

Most of the socially minded landlords that we partner with require some income from their properties. We therefore support the clients to make housing benefit applications and arrange for payments to be made out of these benefits to the landlord. If clients are working they can pay rent themselves in the normal way. We look after all maintenance and also manage bill payments centrally for your clients.

What is the commitment?

There is very little financial commitment from you as a charity. The main criteria for charities to be accepted onto the Stepping Stones Project is that they are able to satisfactorily support their clients when they are living in the property. A high proportion of our clients (just under 80%) successfully gain employment whilst in our properties and move into their own rental property on the open market. If you re passionate about helping your clients to achieve this then we’d love to hear from you.

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