A brief history of the Stepping Stones Project

Stepping Stones was borne out of the realisation that there are many thousands of charities doing fantastic work in helping the disadvantaged to rebuild their lives, but that often the inability of their clients to access stable, quality housing means that this can be very difficult. Stepping Stones sources properties specifically to meet each individual charity’s needs, refurbishes it, and then maintains it on an on-going basis for the charity’s clients to live in.

We completed our pilot of the project (one four bedroom property) in April 2014. Today, we have partners running the project in Nottingham, Oxford, Leicester, Derby, Northampton and Burton with other areas joining the project all the time. We have set ourselves the goal of housing 1,000 homeless and disadvantaged people in the next 7 years. Our longer-term vision is to eradicate homelessness globally.


img-portrait-frankAbout Frank

Frank studied at Nottingham University and the University of Cambridge before working as a secondary school science teacher in inner city Nottingham. Since 2007 Frank has worked full time in property. He has helped individuals and partnerships ranging from first time investors wanting to invest in a single Buy-To-Let through to seasoned investors wanting to purchase properties each month. Frank has facilitated well over 100 transactions. During this time he has also built up his own personal portfolio of 40+ Buy-To-Let properties. From his offices in Derbyshire he runs a team of approximately 20 employees and sub-contractors.

Having been baptised in 2012, the following year Frank committed to using his property expertise to serve God by housing the homeless. Frank and Karina now spend their time supporting the partners in their areas whilst building national partnerships to better serve the homeless and disadvantaged across the UK.

“Throughout the whole process Frank was always there on the end of the phone…”

Mr John Turner

Join the Team

If you have a heart for helping the homeless and disadvantaged in your local area, we’d like to help you.

If reading about how two friends from Derby are having such a positive impact on so many people’s lives has inspired you, then we’d like to help you to take action. We would like to offer our experience and knowledge to help you to move from your current situation (where you may be already involved in housing the disadvantaged in some capacity, or where you may not yet have taken the first step), to take the next step, to actively improve the situation of society’s most disadvantaged in your area. If you feel called to this endeavour, then we encourage you to get in touch.

We would love to hear from you and will guide you and help you to evaluate the current situation in your locality and to judge whether running a Stepping Stones project in your area is right for you.

Stepping Stones currently operates in the following areas:

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