helping charities find safe accessible housing for those in need

Stepping Stones is a not for profit organisation, working Nationally to help charities and other not for profit groups house their clients.

We have run our own charity helping refugees and asylum seekers to rebuild their lives for the last ten years. Despite our successes in helping this client group we recognised that providing safe housing was a significant gap in our services and hindering our clients from rebuilding their lives.

This lack of accessible and affordable housing often prevented people from moving on in other areas of their lives. As we began to successfully house our own clients and having a wealth of in-house experience, we decided to partner with charities to offer this aspect of support to their client groups. To date we have partnered with charities in many areas of the country and are expecting to have housed in excess of 100 otherwise homeless people by the end of 2016, many of whom have moved onto conventional rental accommodation.